Meet Jaime

Thanks for stopping by my personal blog! I am nervous, anxious, scared, excited, vulnerable and a 
number of other crazy things as I very PUBLICLY commit myself to living a better life. This blog is dedicated to my personal journey to losing weight and living a cleaner (yes in every sense of the word!) life. I have never been great a keeping a perfect house or waking up the first time the alarm goes off..... sometimes it is hard to just get out of the house. (ya'll know what I mean) lol... however that is all going to change..... and you all can watch OR join me OR this might turn into just a way to help me help myself. Either way I am okay with what ever should transpire. 

I plan on sharing tons of great information and my daily experiences as I painfully plug away at Beachbody's Focus T25. It's not going to be easy but its going to be worth it.  If you want to find out about T25 or any of the other products that Beachbody has to offer just email me at the link
 above.... or check out the Beachbody programs here.  



Below are some of the publications my photography has been featured in:

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