Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Water Water Water - Believe the Hype

Water. Something that we consistently hear to drink all the time. "It's soooooo good for you" or "Drink lots of water!" If you are like me (former me) ..... Why do we need water and why is it essential to our workouts? Well I went out and got the cold hard facts about water and wanted to shed some light on why it is so incredibly vital to our daily lives.

Water makes up 6o% of our entire body..... That's a whole lot of water (hah!) but seriously it is such a huge proportion of our bodies and we don't even realize it. When we look at ourselves we see the outer physical parts.... Skin, hair, fingers, we know we have bones.... we know that there are muscles in there. Some of us may not believe that but they are there.

When we are trying to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle everyone preaches about drinking lots and lots of water.... but why? Does water have this amazing weight loss potion that will shed the pounds off? No, BUT when substituting water for something like juice or soda, that could mean HUGE results in the long run. High calorie beverages are calorie wasters. I know easier said then done to set that soda aside, It took me awhile but now I really don't even crave it like I used to.

Here are a few links to help you discover the wonderful world of water and why it is beneficial to your health and your body.

10 Life Changing Reasons to Drink More Water

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