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T25 Week Three Results ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Independent Team Beachbody Coach ~ Beachbody in the 'Burg

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind. All of sudden I am smack dab in the middle of one of the most positive experiences I have ever endured. It couldn't have come at a better time either. Sometimes, [a lot of times in my life, lol] I have found myself  in a place that my dad has coined "THE Pit." Some of you may be familiar with this dark area, with one of my friends we refer to the journey to "THE Pit" the downward spiral. We text back and forth with things like "I am spiraling" or for some of us.... forget the spiraling.... we have been living in "THE Pit" for some time now. We may not be miserable all the time but our level of happiness and positivity is much lower then its ultimate potential. Our perceptions of life are just misconstrued. Surrounding ourselves in negativity doesn't help much either. We LOVE to meet each other in "THE Pit" and if you aren't in it.... its like "UM... yeah... freaking Miss perfect over here" or "polly positive" or "she just doesn't get it" we don't want anyone with all this positive energy messing up our negative lifestyle or commiseration. The other really crazy thing about "THE Pit" is you can't get out of it unless YOU want to get out. People can try their hardest to help but something about this dark place doesn't allow us to believe that things don't have to be this way and NO one can make you believe otherwise. It is something you MUST figure out for yourself. I decided to change and that is what all this craziness is about and  it was the best decision I have made in a really long long time. 

 Once you take that first step its tough, the first step seems like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and the second step is maybe a climb up Mount Washington.... here is where it gets good.... after those first two steps out.... you feel like you can conquer Reddish Knob no problem.... and then you are running up hills and walking with this forgotten pep in your step. It is happening. You are taking the steps to a better mental state and this is the foundation for living a fulfilling and better life. Part of being better in the physical sense is mental. Believing in yourself is the key. If you don't believe with your whole being then what's the point. Why should anyone else believe in you? 

I am speaking metaphorically about the mountains (duh) clearly I know that just because I finished three weeks of a workout program, my booty is in no shape to climb a mountain in Tanzania. BUT mentally I feel like I can do anything I want now. Pain is a factor and I get asked about that regularly, however if I was going to live in pain I might as well start living and stop feeling sorry for myself. I am speaking for myself. If you find that this hits close to home, I hope you don't feel like I am being insensitive. This blog is about MY journey NOT my judgements on others that may be in the same PIT that I was in just a short month ago. Pain is a REAL thing. It causes immobility and depression. It causes us to slip into a hole and and start watching the world go on without us. It is depressing, dark, lonely and sad. When you can't find the energy to work through the pain and live, you start putting on the pounds. Food becomes comfort and working out. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! YEAH RIGHT! Whatever. That's what I said at least. 

Everyone has different goals, motives, aspirations and lifestyles. We all have a story just most of us are too embarrassed to tell it. I for one.... am too embarrassed to share my weight with even my closest friends. That is okay. No one is pressuring me to tell them and when its all said in done.... and I am comfortable I will share the exact numbers with everyone. I have them all written down since day one. 

So enough with the blabbering on.... I know what everyone really came here for.... THE RESULTS. 

This weeks results brought me to tears, not gonna lie. I have been working really hard. A month ago I would not have thought that I would be in this place. Three weeks ago I would not have even imagined that coming this far was attainable. So drumroll please........ 7 more pounds down!!!! For a running total of 15 pounds in the first three weeks of T25. I am still drinking Shakeology everyday and a TON of water. I carry water around with me everywhere. 

I cut soda completely out...... see ya later fizzy stuff.... and I am just making better choices food wise without overwhelming myself with a strict diet. This week I am however taking it one step further to be the healthiest, best me that I can be and I am going to start an eating plan that will be really awesome for my family. My kids started eating salad and more veggies

I offer them to my girls everyday and now they are slowly cutting back on asking me for fries. If they don't want to eat what I serve....well then they don't eat. I figure if they get hungry enough.... veggies will eventually start tasting delicious. NO I am NOT starving my children! I am trying to get them on the right tract to eating the proper things that children their age should be eating. I blame myself for these bad habits from the start! 

So here are some snapshots from this last week....... most of you know that I am a photographer. I am using my iPhone to photograph this journey because I don't want anyone thinking I am photoshopping myself or something of the sort. These are real results from a regular human being. 

Much love, 


More awesomeness arrives at my house!!!!
One of my besties and fellow Independent Coach Krystal. We are meal planning for next week! 

My meal planning with the T25 nutrition guide. 

My goal tracker!!!! Can't even believe it!!! This can be found in your team beachbody member profile. 

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