Tuesday, March 25, 2014

T25 Week Six Results ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Fitness ~ Nutrition and Wellness

Week SIX!!! I can't believe the half way mark is here and gone!! I am on week 7??? What??? So anyhow, week six is the start of the Beta cycle of T25. Let me tell you.... Beta is a whole new level of T25 and I love it!!! Just when I was getting used to the Alpha round workouts.... Shaun T switches it up. Speed 2.0 is fast and intense and I definitely had trouble with it, however the Rip't Circuit and Upper Focus definitely were my speed in working out.... the weights and strengthening are awesome!! I highly recommend to anyone considering this workout to purchase a small set of 5 lb weights to go a long with the Beta round. In my package I got a resistance band which they do have someone on the bands throughout the workout but I prefer the small weights.

So this week I am down another 1.5 pounds for a total of 16.5 pounds! I haven't done my measurements since the hubs helps with that and he is out of town... but my clothes are definitely looser and I am starting to see a significant bagginess throughout my wardrobe. Hehe! I love it!!!

Our motivational group online has lost 115 pounds. Most of the ladies have been doing the program for 2-3 weeks. Which is one of the greatest parts about T25 and Shakeology, you get almost instant results in the first 2 weeks, which motivates you to keep going knowing that you are doing something right!!!

I am really excited to finish these next four weeks strong! I really want to make it another 12 pounds.... I can visualize it... so it will happen!! I am grateful everyday to have the amazing support from my closest friends and family! This is a life changing journey and I haven't been happier making small changes here and there to better my life as a whole!

Much Love!!


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