Saturday, March 8, 2014

T25 Week Four Results - Harrisonburg Virginia Independent Team Beachbody Coach


I wrote this blog post over the course of Saturday and Sunday. Since it was such a strange week with results and diet. 

And so it begins ....... 

Today has been a beautiful day and its not even close to being over. The air is fresh, the first bees of spring are buzzing around and I drove around today just taking in the scenary. I also went over and visited with one of my friends, motivators and coaches.... to take some headshots and chat. It was awesome and I am so so so grateful for this journey and the positive people that have come into my life. It is not everyday that you meet women that you just get along with, that have the same goals, aspirations, drive, and ability to get things done. A lot of people know that I am not a big talker. Okay I am a huge talker but not in the sense that I don't back it up. Most of the time when I say I am going to do something, if I commit, its getting done. I don't agree to do things that I can't actually do or don't do.

This blog post is not as exciting about the weightloss this week. I will go ahead and just let everyone know that I remained the same weight as I was last week. Which is still great. At least I didn't gain any wieght!!!! I did however lose inches this week. Which means I am getting stronger muscle wise and I can feel myself getting through each workout easier and easier. Muscle wieghs more then fat, so the inches in the important areas.... (waist and booty).... are still shrinking... as a matter of fact 8 total inches lost since last week. So I know that what I am doing is working, I just can't focus solely on weight. This is why it is important to do your measurements. Sometimes throughout a journey like this we plateau at losing the actual pounds but it doesn't mean that we are failing. Our bodies are adjusting and its about the end results. As long as you are getting results in one of the areas, you know that the program is working. 

How is the Shakeology??
I tried the chocolate this week and oh my goodness, it is soooooo tasty!! So I ordered another bag to alternate flavors. There is a recipe at the bottom of the blog. I found that the chocolate with a half of banana blended with ice and almond milk is super tasty. 

A total transformation of mind, body and soul requires discipline and the ability to see positivity through times that may be negative. I could have looked at this week and stopped writing or ignored the fact that I didn't lose weight. However, my commitment to this process is being completely transparent with whomever is reading this and especially to myself. I decided that I would be open and honest about this program and that requires telling the world about ALL the things that happen along the way. 

This week has been truly amazing. I have so many awesome new friends in my life and I have reconnected with some old ones. These woman are amazing and they are working so hard at their own transformations. In our challenge group over the last few weeks there has been a total of 50 pounds lost. Which is amazing. That number is huge!!! We are talking about a select group of people not like 100 and the fact that they are succeeding makes me feel even better. Its as if I am succeeding in my journey because they have started  seeing their own result.. YaY!!!!!

Mental happiness is a HUGE factor in all of this and the reward that I feel about weightloss is just a stepping stone to the ultimate goal..... being a positive, motivating, healthy person. I don't hide things and I don't lie to myself. Positive thinking may sound so cliche but I am telling  you it works. It is affecting my familiy, my photography business, my friendships and my marriage.... everything is getting better as a whole which is creating the foundation for success. Surrounding yourself with like minded inspiring people only brings out the best in you. 


I am crazy. I am sure that if you meet someone that has known me for more then 5 years.... they could enlighten you with a story or two. Throughout life we are presented with challenges some may be mountainous and some may be small. However, regardless of our failures it is up to us to either let them own us or figure out how to make it into a success. I know, I know, its easier said then done.... and if you are reading this in a negative mind set... you may be judging that I didn't loose weight this week or questioning whether or not T25 works,  or doubting that I will finish this journey......I have news for you... It works and I am. Nothing is going to stop me.... because before the only thing in my way was myself (and booze lol!!!).  

A solid mindstate and foundation are the keys to succeeding in even the smallest form. I feel like I succeeded this week because I feel so freaking good!!!! I will be carryiing on with Week 5 this week.... which means that I am almost halfway through the  program. And I am halfway to my goal. I am dedicated to providing a real look into my life and a real look into these workouts and what its like to go through a Beachbody program. Its not easy but its awesome. It is truly the best decision that I have  made for myself in a really long long time. 

I want to thank my long time best friend Becky for getting me started and being the foundation and support that I needed to start. She is an amazing person.... funny, smart and beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better friend and partner through this journey. Thank you Becky!! I love you!!!! 

I hope you all have a super week!!! 

Much Love, 


Here is some of the awesomeness from this week!!! 

Water is SOOOO good for you!! Get some fruit in there for some all naturALE flavoring. 

Egg white and spinach scramble with garlic and goat cheese with a side of raspberries and blueberries. 

Grilled chicken with roasted peppers, mushrooms and onions. 

Super fruit shake! 

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