Sunday, February 23, 2014

T25 Week Two Results ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Independent Team Beachbody Coach ~ Beachbody in the Burg

So I have just finished my week 2 of T25. Its been challenging, but the way I feel about myself far outweighs any challenge. To know that I completed the second week is so rewarding for me. Some of you know that this time last year I was in a lot of pain. I have battled chronic pain for over a year now and it has been one of the worst places to be mentally. I went through dozens tests with  MRI's, X-rays, CT Scans, epidurals, you name it I did it.... I even had surgery. This all occurred while I was running my photography business and caring for my 2 small children. Days that I didn't want to get out of bed, days that I sat in tears wondering when this would all be over, when the pain would go away. The most discouraging thing was going through surgery, which had its own complications, and not getting any relief with pain and function of my left side. The surgery didn't work, the epidurals didn't work, nothing was working. Mind boggling to me at times and super depressing. After a full year of doctors visits every week, testing and ultimately surgery..... I decided that if I could just lose some weight and start taking care of myself again, maybe that would help.

This post isn't to suddenly exclaim that I am cured and pain free. That is definitely not the case. I still am in pain and I still have days when I don't understand why my body won't just go back to normal. However, I feel like I am finally doing something for myself rather then waiting in limbo for someone to tell me what the "next" step is. I am not encouraging people in chronic pain to run out and start getting their T25 on.... obviously you want to talk to your doctor and make sure it is something that will work for you and your lifestyle. However the mental place you can be in when you don't feel good about yourself is something that I am all too familiar with. Stress and pain wearing on your entire being. It generates negative energy and you in turn you exude negative energy. People can sense this and for me and my job..... babies, especially newborns can sense this. It is the most amazing thing to me. When you are calm and positive, newborns feel that energy and relax. The opposite happens when there is stress in the room. Its one of the most powerful characteristics of a newborn baby. So feeling good and positive about myself, does help in my daily life, more then I can imagine. 

So the results are in for Week Two!! I lost another 3 pounds this week for a total of 8 pounds lost so far. I logged my results into my goal tracker on my Beachbody profile and although it was only 3 pounds, logging it into my Beachbody tracker it showed I was 25% towards my first goal!!! Which sounds so encouraging! Even though I didn't drop another 5 lbs this week, I am still that much closer to my goal. That makes me so freaking excited!!! 

Check out the hair!!! 
Week Two with Shakeology- I have continued drinking one shake a day for breakfast or lunch. I ran out of coffee at my house and so for two days I drank a shake instead...... I didn't even need the coffee after having a shake. I am a coffee drinker too. So for me that was crazy I wasn't itching for caffeine. The other major thing that I have noticed is my skin. It feels different to the touch, it is hydrated and soft. I can physically feel the effects of flooding my body with nutrients. My nails are growing, my hair feels healthier and my skin. I know it sounds crazy but its true. 

CONFESSIONAL: I am (was) a soda junkie. Yes I know, for all the already health nuts this is a yucky no-no. However, I didn't tell myself I couldn't drink soda anymore when I started this journey. I just said I could have it whenever I wanted and left it on the counter and I look at it everyday. The funny thing is I drank soda one time this week. I didn't even want it. When I poured the small glass and drank it to appease my addiction I found myself not even liking it as I used to. I don't know what to attribute this too, but I have been craving and drinking so much water. I am sure that this week I won't even put the soda into the cart at the store. 

I think to be successful at something you need to slowly get to realistic points in your journey. If you don't eat healthy, don't work out, love dessert, love soda, love junk food, love laying on the couch and watching TV...... don't just decide tomorrow you are going to stop doing ALL the bad stuff and start doing ALL the good stuff. If you want to really change your life, let your body and your mind help you to make decisions to eliminate things at the right time and start things at the right time. If you drastically try to change everything at once you are setting yourself up for failure. It took years and years to make these habits, so it takes time to break them as well.  I am STILL working on all this and its a work in progress and it will be for awhile. I am simply stating that if you set yourself up with a bunch of small goals, you are more likely to feel positive. Don't beat yourself up over the slice of pizza you ate, or the cheesecake you had for dessert, just keep on track with working out and loving yourself and the rest will come naturally. You will naturally want to start eating better because good foods directly correlate to feeling good about yourself. 

Got this cookbook with my Beachbody Membership.

I love being a part of Beachbody because of the people and the team like feel that we all have. My best friend of 25 years got me involved and my other best friend of over 10 years also joined our Beachbody team this week.  This is a positive thing and a great way to start feeling happy!!! It sounds gimicky and cliche but who cares if it works! Because it does. That I do know and I will support anything that makes me feel better about myself. My best friend and my beachbody coach Becky is starting a program  that is geared towards 21 days of clean eating. You can check it out here Buck Wild Fit, just message her and tell her I sent you over, she will help you succeed with your goals!!!! 

I am feeling better then I have in over a year. I am 8 pounds lighter and I have left the house more times this week then I have in the past 2 months. Thank you all for the encouragement and feel free to message me with any questions!! I would love to set you up with a challenge pack and have you join our March Challenge group.  My email is  .

And check out the photos below for some awesome nerdiness from WEEK TWO of T25!!!

Much love xoxo,


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Littlest bean reading "Thin Kitchen" to her bear. <3
After week 2 (new jaw line!!)

Even the little loves it :)


  1. Good for you Jaime! I've been doing this at home workout system Bikini Body Mommy and I've been loving it! It feels SO good to work out and get my body moving!

    Now I just need to change my diet, that part is much harder!

  2. That's the hard part, getting the food in line with the working out. But I say at least its something! Good for you C! I am proud of you and your Bikini Body Mommy ;)

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