Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Racism of the 21st Century - August 2014

From the title of this post one might conclude that a) it's personal b) it's probably about race and c) the town Ferguson will be mentioned.  If you simply don't care, don't want read, are sick of hearing about Ferguson or whatever the case may be....here is your chance to stop reading and head back over to Facebook or check out my sisters non-profit Project: More love. Also understand that this is not my business site and I would hate to potentially offend anyone, but I feel as though I would like to begin to share these pieces that I started writing back in August after the shooting of Michael Brown. I find that disclosing my views on social media are counter productive and ultimately fuel unwanted  arguments. 

So I started keeping a journal every time I got upset over a sensitive issue, I wrote about it privately in order to get out what I wanted to say without keyboard warriors talking uneducated nonsense on a topic that they don't grasp in the least. It has helped me gather my thoughts and gave me an outlet to put my feelings in writing. Somehow it makes the swirling in my brain a little calmer and settles my passionate voice for that. moment.   I felt like down the road if I wanted to share these journals I could. People could read them.... Maybe not.... But at any rate the sole intent is to keep these concepts into perspective for personal reasons. I don't know everything and I don't to know everything. I only know what I feel and what I have read along the way.  
Please remember these were written over the last three months.....

If you haven't heard of Ferguson or Michael Brown by now you have been probably living off the grid with minimal human contact or perhaps under a rock. However, you can brush up on it <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/09/ferguson-teen-police-shooting_n_5665305.html">here</a>. There is the obvious story that an unarmed black 
teen (male) was shot at least six times by a police officer. Then there are all the other issues that surround this highly controversial and sensitive case, which clearly have many confused. 

I am not an expert on any of it, nor am I speaking for anyone but myself. I have obsessively watched the news over the past  weeks, tuned in to hear Obama speak, read countless news articles, followed alderman Antonio French on Twitter since August 10 and drummed up conversation with just about anyone that might  help me better understand the circumstances and strong feelings that have spread through social media like wildfire. I have yearned for knowledge, to take in every tiny detail and fact, I have educated myself thoroughly trying to gain a sense of understanding, I CAN'T, no matter how many news articles I read, no matter how many times I check twitter for updates, I have  come to realize that I will NEVER fully understand. My skin is fair and freckled and I have lived a life oblivious that hate still exists. I have been naive to think that everyone is like me, seeing 
people for people. Even writing it out it just seems like a no-brainer. People are people. 

 Being black, white, freckled, Hispanic, Asian, Icelandic or whatever, is part of who we are. I think that a person should be proud of what they look like, it makes them who they are and but more importantly it should not define what they are or what they represent. I read a quote that Talib Kweli tweeted a few weeks ago and it said "Don't trust someone that says they don't see color, to them you are invisible." THAT, that right there. Embracing who you are without trying to deny that we are all the same or that one doesn't see color. We do. Its not that we should see color and immediately think something negative or positive, but seeing a person as a person is where we lack progression. 

My point is that  regardless of what people think is going on, regardless of whether there are two sides to every story, regardless of how any of the media is portraying anything, the fact remains that black men specifically in our country are treated differently. It doesn't matter  if 
you think that I am wrong, because you see it is not about being wrong or right. We are 
talking about feelings here. These are peoples feelings. You can't tell someone that feels sad that they don't feel sad. How do you know what they have been through? You don't, you haven't lived their sorrow and you can't feel their grief. You can feel for them but you don't feel what they feel. Its the same concept. People feel they are looked at differently and treated differently, we should empathize with that. Regardless if you think that they are over reacting or that it is not true. I am sorry friends. It is true. Its very real and it is very scary. 

I am so heartbroken for a family who has had to bury a child. I am confused at how an altercation of a routine police stop ended in the death of a young man and a cop that is probably stunned and forever changed by this one fateful day. It will be one that I won't forgot in my lifetime and one that brings inner turmoil that I can only hope to express through words. 

Good night friends,


August 13, 2014 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

T25 Week Six Results ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Fitness ~ Nutrition and Wellness

Week SIX!!! I can't believe the half way mark is here and gone!! I am on week 7??? What??? So anyhow, week six is the start of the Beta cycle of T25. Let me tell you.... Beta is a whole new level of T25 and I love it!!! Just when I was getting used to the Alpha round workouts.... Shaun T switches it up. Speed 2.0 is fast and intense and I definitely had trouble with it, however the Rip't Circuit and Upper Focus definitely were my speed in working out.... the weights and strengthening are awesome!! I highly recommend to anyone considering this workout to purchase a small set of 5 lb weights to go a long with the Beta round. In my package I got a resistance band which they do have someone on the bands throughout the workout but I prefer the small weights.

So this week I am down another 1.5 pounds for a total of 16.5 pounds! I haven't done my measurements since the hubs helps with that and he is out of town... but my clothes are definitely looser and I am starting to see a significant bagginess throughout my wardrobe. Hehe! I love it!!!

Our motivational group online has lost 115 pounds. Most of the ladies have been doing the program for 2-3 weeks. Which is one of the greatest parts about T25 and Shakeology, you get almost instant results in the first 2 weeks, which motivates you to keep going knowing that you are doing something right!!!

I am really excited to finish these next four weeks strong! I really want to make it another 12 pounds.... I can visualize it... so it will happen!! I am grateful everyday to have the amazing support from my closest friends and family! This is a life changing journey and I haven't been happier making small changes here and there to better my life as a whole!

Much Love!!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

T25 Week Five Results ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Independent Team Beachbody Coach ~ March 2014 ~ Beachbody in the Burg

This was my final week of the Beta cycle for T 25 and brought me to the end the first five weeks of my program.  T 25 has an Alpha cycle which is five weeks and Beta cycle which is five weeks long, so this marks the halfway point to my first goal...... Finishing T25 and getting my t-shirt. ;)!!!! Because everybody loves a free T-shirt...lol. Especially one that you whole heartedly earned.

Since I am documenting this whole journey I decided to take some after photos for the Beta cycle. I wish I was confident enough to share them at this time, but the change in my body is unbelievable. I have remained the same weight throughout the last two weeks.... Which is fine with me, I have learned throughout this journey that results come from sooooo many more things then just a scale. I have pictures to show these insane results and that is enough to make me a believer that what I am doing is in fact working. 

Most of you know that I am constantly behind the camera so for me to be documenting something that I am doing personally is kind of crazy. Especially since just a short while ago I despised any photos being taken of myself. However my guard is down and I am shamelessly parading these photos on the internet. I figure that I don't have anything to lose by doing so and those that decide to judge me or make fun of me.... I am totally at peace with that and really I could care less. I am working my butt off over here and the last thing that I will consume myself with is negativity.  HATERS gonna HATe ... Lol! Anything that anyone does that is positive, someone out there is going to have something to say.... And I honestly could care less. The only thing I am nervous about is parading my half naked self, in the worst shape of my life for all the world to see. I am working up to it and I have shared the results with several people. So have patience ..... They are coming just give me a minute, ;)

I don't have too much to report this week! I was out of town all this weekend.... I took a break for the insanely healthy eating and drank some delicious mimosas.... I saw my bestest friends and spent the weekend just hanging around and getting excited for my bestie to have her little baby girl. I hope that you all enjoyed St. Patricks day and I will have some more inspiring posts later on this week!

Much Love,

Saturday, March 8, 2014

T25 Week Four Results - Harrisonburg Virginia Independent Team Beachbody Coach


I wrote this blog post over the course of Saturday and Sunday. Since it was such a strange week with results and diet. 

And so it begins ....... 

Today has been a beautiful day and its not even close to being over. The air is fresh, the first bees of spring are buzzing around and I drove around today just taking in the scenary. I also went over and visited with one of my friends, motivators and coaches.... to take some headshots and chat. It was awesome and I am so so so grateful for this journey and the positive people that have come into my life. It is not everyday that you meet women that you just get along with, that have the same goals, aspirations, drive, and ability to get things done. A lot of people know that I am not a big talker. Okay I am a huge talker but not in the sense that I don't back it up. Most of the time when I say I am going to do something, if I commit, its getting done. I don't agree to do things that I can't actually do or don't do.

This blog post is not as exciting about the weightloss this week. I will go ahead and just let everyone know that I remained the same weight as I was last week. Which is still great. At least I didn't gain any wieght!!!! I did however lose inches this week. Which means I am getting stronger muscle wise and I can feel myself getting through each workout easier and easier. Muscle wieghs more then fat, so the inches in the important areas.... (waist and booty).... are still shrinking... as a matter of fact 8 total inches lost since last week. So I know that what I am doing is working, I just can't focus solely on weight. This is why it is important to do your measurements. Sometimes throughout a journey like this we plateau at losing the actual pounds but it doesn't mean that we are failing. Our bodies are adjusting and its about the end results. As long as you are getting results in one of the areas, you know that the program is working. 

How is the Shakeology??
I tried the chocolate this week and oh my goodness, it is soooooo tasty!! So I ordered another bag to alternate flavors. There is a recipe at the bottom of the blog. I found that the chocolate with a half of banana blended with ice and almond milk is super tasty. 

A total transformation of mind, body and soul requires discipline and the ability to see positivity through times that may be negative. I could have looked at this week and stopped writing or ignored the fact that I didn't lose weight. However, my commitment to this process is being completely transparent with whomever is reading this and especially to myself. I decided that I would be open and honest about this program and that requires telling the world about ALL the things that happen along the way. 

This week has been truly amazing. I have so many awesome new friends in my life and I have reconnected with some old ones. These woman are amazing and they are working so hard at their own transformations. In our challenge group over the last few weeks there has been a total of 50 pounds lost. Which is amazing. That number is huge!!! We are talking about a select group of people not like 100 and the fact that they are succeeding makes me feel even better. Its as if I am succeeding in my journey because they have started  seeing their own result.. YaY!!!!!

Mental happiness is a HUGE factor in all of this and the reward that I feel about weightloss is just a stepping stone to the ultimate goal..... being a positive, motivating, healthy person. I don't hide things and I don't lie to myself. Positive thinking may sound so cliche but I am telling  you it works. It is affecting my familiy, my photography business, my friendships and my marriage.... everything is getting better as a whole which is creating the foundation for success. Surrounding yourself with like minded inspiring people only brings out the best in you. 


I am crazy. I am sure that if you meet someone that has known me for more then 5 years.... they could enlighten you with a story or two. Throughout life we are presented with challenges some may be mountainous and some may be small. However, regardless of our failures it is up to us to either let them own us or figure out how to make it into a success. I know, I know, its easier said then done.... and if you are reading this in a negative mind set... you may be judging that I didn't loose weight this week or questioning whether or not T25 works,  or doubting that I will finish this journey......I have news for you... It works and I am. Nothing is going to stop me.... because before the only thing in my way was myself (and booze lol!!!).  

A solid mindstate and foundation are the keys to succeeding in even the smallest form. I feel like I succeeded this week because I feel so freaking good!!!! I will be carryiing on with Week 5 this week.... which means that I am almost halfway through the  program. And I am halfway to my goal. I am dedicated to providing a real look into my life and a real look into these workouts and what its like to go through a Beachbody program. Its not easy but its awesome. It is truly the best decision that I have  made for myself in a really long long time. 

I want to thank my long time best friend Becky for getting me started and being the foundation and support that I needed to start. She is an amazing person.... funny, smart and beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better friend and partner through this journey. Thank you Becky!! I love you!!!! 

I hope you all have a super week!!! 

Much Love, 


Here is some of the awesomeness from this week!!! 

Water is SOOOO good for you!! Get some fruit in there for some all naturALE flavoring. 

Egg white and spinach scramble with garlic and goat cheese with a side of raspberries and blueberries. 

Grilled chicken with roasted peppers, mushrooms and onions. 

Super fruit shake! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Water Water Water - Believe the Hype

Water. Something that we consistently hear to drink all the time. "It's soooooo good for you" or "Drink lots of water!" If you are like me (former me) ..... Why do we need water and why is it essential to our workouts? Well I went out and got the cold hard facts about water and wanted to shed some light on why it is so incredibly vital to our daily lives.

Water makes up 6o% of our entire body..... That's a whole lot of water (hah!) but seriously it is such a huge proportion of our bodies and we don't even realize it. When we look at ourselves we see the outer physical parts.... Skin, hair, fingers, we know we have bones.... we know that there are muscles in there. Some of us may not believe that but they are there.

When we are trying to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle everyone preaches about drinking lots and lots of water.... but why? Does water have this amazing weight loss potion that will shed the pounds off? No, BUT when substituting water for something like juice or soda, that could mean HUGE results in the long run. High calorie beverages are calorie wasters. I know easier said then done to set that soda aside, It took me awhile but now I really don't even crave it like I used to.

Here are a few links to help you discover the wonderful world of water and why it is beneficial to your health and your body.

10 Life Changing Reasons to Drink More Water

Sunday, March 2, 2014

T25 Week Three Results ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Independent Team Beachbody Coach ~ Beachbody in the 'Burg

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind. All of sudden I am smack dab in the middle of one of the most positive experiences I have ever endured. It couldn't have come at a better time either. Sometimes, [a lot of times in my life, lol] I have found myself  in a place that my dad has coined "THE Pit." Some of you may be familiar with this dark area, with one of my friends we refer to the journey to "THE Pit" the downward spiral. We text back and forth with things like "I am spiraling" or for some of us.... forget the spiraling.... we have been living in "THE Pit" for some time now. We may not be miserable all the time but our level of happiness and positivity is much lower then its ultimate potential. Our perceptions of life are just misconstrued. Surrounding ourselves in negativity doesn't help much either. We LOVE to meet each other in "THE Pit" and if you aren't in it.... its like "UM... yeah... freaking Miss perfect over here" or "polly positive" or "she just doesn't get it" we don't want anyone with all this positive energy messing up our negative lifestyle or commiseration. The other really crazy thing about "THE Pit" is you can't get out of it unless YOU want to get out. People can try their hardest to help but something about this dark place doesn't allow us to believe that things don't have to be this way and NO one can make you believe otherwise. It is something you MUST figure out for yourself. I decided to change and that is what all this craziness is about and  it was the best decision I have made in a really long long time. 

 Once you take that first step its tough, the first step seems like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and the second step is maybe a climb up Mount Washington.... here is where it gets good.... after those first two steps out.... you feel like you can conquer Reddish Knob no problem.... and then you are running up hills and walking with this forgotten pep in your step. It is happening. You are taking the steps to a better mental state and this is the foundation for living a fulfilling and better life. Part of being better in the physical sense is mental. Believing in yourself is the key. If you don't believe with your whole being then what's the point. Why should anyone else believe in you? 

I am speaking metaphorically about the mountains (duh) clearly I know that just because I finished three weeks of a workout program, my booty is in no shape to climb a mountain in Tanzania. BUT mentally I feel like I can do anything I want now. Pain is a factor and I get asked about that regularly, however if I was going to live in pain I might as well start living and stop feeling sorry for myself. I am speaking for myself. If you find that this hits close to home, I hope you don't feel like I am being insensitive. This blog is about MY journey NOT my judgements on others that may be in the same PIT that I was in just a short month ago. Pain is a REAL thing. It causes immobility and depression. It causes us to slip into a hole and and start watching the world go on without us. It is depressing, dark, lonely and sad. When you can't find the energy to work through the pain and live, you start putting on the pounds. Food becomes comfort and working out. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! YEAH RIGHT! Whatever. That's what I said at least. 

Everyone has different goals, motives, aspirations and lifestyles. We all have a story just most of us are too embarrassed to tell it. I for one.... am too embarrassed to share my weight with even my closest friends. That is okay. No one is pressuring me to tell them and when its all said in done.... and I am comfortable I will share the exact numbers with everyone. I have them all written down since day one. 

So enough with the blabbering on.... I know what everyone really came here for.... THE RESULTS. 

This weeks results brought me to tears, not gonna lie. I have been working really hard. A month ago I would not have thought that I would be in this place. Three weeks ago I would not have even imagined that coming this far was attainable. So drumroll please........ 7 more pounds down!!!! For a running total of 15 pounds in the first three weeks of T25. I am still drinking Shakeology everyday and a TON of water. I carry water around with me everywhere. 

I cut soda completely out...... see ya later fizzy stuff.... and I am just making better choices food wise without overwhelming myself with a strict diet. This week I am however taking it one step further to be the healthiest, best me that I can be and I am going to start an eating plan that will be really awesome for my family. My kids started eating salad and more veggies

I offer them to my girls everyday and now they are slowly cutting back on asking me for fries. If they don't want to eat what I serve....well then they don't eat. I figure if they get hungry enough.... veggies will eventually start tasting delicious. NO I am NOT starving my children! I am trying to get them on the right tract to eating the proper things that children their age should be eating. I blame myself for these bad habits from the start! 

So here are some snapshots from this last week....... most of you know that I am a photographer. I am using my iPhone to photograph this journey because I don't want anyone thinking I am photoshopping myself or something of the sort. These are real results from a regular human being. 

Much love, 


More awesomeness arrives at my house!!!!
One of my besties and fellow Independent Coach Krystal. We are meal planning for next week! 

My meal planning with the T25 nutrition guide. 

My goal tracker!!!! Can't even believe it!!! This can be found in your team beachbody member profile. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

What is SHAKEOLOGY? ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Independent Team BeachBody Coach

A lot of people have been asking about Shakeology and what exactly it is, what is in it, what does it do and what circumstances can you drink it or not. I have gathered up some links and some information for you all so that you can check it out and have some of your questions answered! 

First and foremost, if you have a serious medical condition, pregnant, breastfeeding or any of the like, please click one of the links below and print it off to take in to review with your doctor to see if it is a viable option for you. I am obviously not a medical professional and just to be on the safe side, it is important to check with your own doctor just to be sure you are doing what is best for you. 

Here are printable links to each of the main flavors of Shakeology:

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a nutrient rich meal replacement shake that helps promote wellness and weight loss. 

Here is short video that will show you all about how awesome and unique the Shakeology really is. If you are really interested in ShakeO take a little bit of time and watch this video. Its not only informative but it tells the story of how they formulated this awesome product. 

Still want some more information? Stay tuned for my Shakeology blog series.
To purchase Shakeology simply head over to this WEBSITE
Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about the product! 

Here is a little peek at my lunch today and a recipe to add to your 
shakeology collection :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

T25 Week Two Results ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Independent Team Beachbody Coach ~ Beachbody in the Burg

So I have just finished my week 2 of T25. Its been challenging, but the way I feel about myself far outweighs any challenge. To know that I completed the second week is so rewarding for me. Some of you know that this time last year I was in a lot of pain. I have battled chronic pain for over a year now and it has been one of the worst places to be mentally. I went through dozens tests with  MRI's, X-rays, CT Scans, epidurals, you name it I did it.... I even had surgery. This all occurred while I was running my photography business and caring for my 2 small children. Days that I didn't want to get out of bed, days that I sat in tears wondering when this would all be over, when the pain would go away. The most discouraging thing was going through surgery, which had its own complications, and not getting any relief with pain and function of my left side. The surgery didn't work, the epidurals didn't work, nothing was working. Mind boggling to me at times and super depressing. After a full year of doctors visits every week, testing and ultimately surgery..... I decided that if I could just lose some weight and start taking care of myself again, maybe that would help.

This post isn't to suddenly exclaim that I am cured and pain free. That is definitely not the case. I still am in pain and I still have days when I don't understand why my body won't just go back to normal. However, I feel like I am finally doing something for myself rather then waiting in limbo for someone to tell me what the "next" step is. I am not encouraging people in chronic pain to run out and start getting their T25 on.... obviously you want to talk to your doctor and make sure it is something that will work for you and your lifestyle. However the mental place you can be in when you don't feel good about yourself is something that I am all too familiar with. Stress and pain wearing on your entire being. It generates negative energy and you in turn you exude negative energy. People can sense this and for me and my job..... babies, especially newborns can sense this. It is the most amazing thing to me. When you are calm and positive, newborns feel that energy and relax. The opposite happens when there is stress in the room. Its one of the most powerful characteristics of a newborn baby. So feeling good and positive about myself, does help in my daily life, more then I can imagine. 

So the results are in for Week Two!! I lost another 3 pounds this week for a total of 8 pounds lost so far. I logged my results into my goal tracker on my Beachbody profile and although it was only 3 pounds, logging it into my Beachbody tracker it showed I was 25% towards my first goal!!! Which sounds so encouraging! Even though I didn't drop another 5 lbs this week, I am still that much closer to my goal. That makes me so freaking excited!!! 

Check out the hair!!! 
Week Two with Shakeology- I have continued drinking one shake a day for breakfast or lunch. I ran out of coffee at my house and so for two days I drank a shake instead...... I didn't even need the coffee after having a shake. I am a coffee drinker too. So for me that was crazy I wasn't itching for caffeine. The other major thing that I have noticed is my skin. It feels different to the touch, it is hydrated and soft. I can physically feel the effects of flooding my body with nutrients. My nails are growing, my hair feels healthier and my skin. I know it sounds crazy but its true. 

CONFESSIONAL: I am (was) a soda junkie. Yes I know, for all the already health nuts this is a yucky no-no. However, I didn't tell myself I couldn't drink soda anymore when I started this journey. I just said I could have it whenever I wanted and left it on the counter and I look at it everyday. The funny thing is I drank soda one time this week. I didn't even want it. When I poured the small glass and drank it to appease my addiction I found myself not even liking it as I used to. I don't know what to attribute this too, but I have been craving and drinking so much water. I am sure that this week I won't even put the soda into the cart at the store. 

I think to be successful at something you need to slowly get to realistic points in your journey. If you don't eat healthy, don't work out, love dessert, love soda, love junk food, love laying on the couch and watching TV...... don't just decide tomorrow you are going to stop doing ALL the bad stuff and start doing ALL the good stuff. If you want to really change your life, let your body and your mind help you to make decisions to eliminate things at the right time and start things at the right time. If you drastically try to change everything at once you are setting yourself up for failure. It took years and years to make these habits, so it takes time to break them as well.  I am STILL working on all this and its a work in progress and it will be for awhile. I am simply stating that if you set yourself up with a bunch of small goals, you are more likely to feel positive. Don't beat yourself up over the slice of pizza you ate, or the cheesecake you had for dessert, just keep on track with working out and loving yourself and the rest will come naturally. You will naturally want to start eating better because good foods directly correlate to feeling good about yourself. 

Got this cookbook with my Beachbody Membership.

I love being a part of Beachbody because of the people and the team like feel that we all have. My best friend of 25 years got me involved and my other best friend of over 10 years also joined our Beachbody team this week.  This is a positive thing and a great way to start feeling happy!!! It sounds gimicky and cliche but who cares if it works! Because it does. That I do know and I will support anything that makes me feel better about myself. My best friend and my beachbody coach Becky is starting a program  that is geared towards 21 days of clean eating. You can check it out here Buck Wild Fit, just message her and tell her I sent you over, she will help you succeed with your goals!!!! 

I am feeling better then I have in over a year. I am 8 pounds lighter and I have left the house more times this week then I have in the past 2 months. Thank you all for the encouragement and feel free to message me with any questions!! I would love to set you up with a challenge pack and have you join our March Challenge group.  My email is jaimetscott@gmail.com  .

And check out the photos below for some awesome nerdiness from WEEK TWO of T25!!!

Much love xoxo,


Here are my Beachbody links and websites: 

Littlest bean reading "Thin Kitchen" to her bear. <3
After week 2 (new jaw line!!)

Even the little loves it :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

T25 Week One Results ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Independent Team Beachbody Coach ~ Beachbody in the Burg

As some of you know and some of you don't, this was the blog for my photography business. I re-branded that business and decided to use this blog as a journal (a public one) with my weekly and sometimes daily reflections from the beginning to the end of the T-25 workout series. I also just want to have a place that I can share things that I love with people on the interwebs!! This journal will eventually show my before and after shots from the Beachbody workouts. (gasp!) oh the horror. I don't even look at them 11 days in because that was the "old" me and that was just 11 days ago. Who in the world knows what will happen in another 11 days.

The first week was all about trying to get comfortable with my new commitment to working out just 25 minutes a day. That's it. 25 minutes. It didn't matter how crazy or tired I would get, I followed the modifications and I made it through week one. That Saturday I went to do my weekly stats. I had already dropped 5 lbs!!!. Whaattttt whhhhhaaaaatttt?  Seriously? I was a little shocked that it happened so quickly. I have been so nervous about starting because I was afraid of failing. Once I told myself it was okay if I wasn't rocking it out like a rockstar super fit wonder woman. That is not me. It may never be. Right now, that's okay with me. All I want to do is start feeling better about myself.

Along with T25, I am also drinking Shakeology. This has been awesome! It has helped me feel energized and clear headed. Its fun to throw a bunch of stuff in the blender and whip it around, see what pretty color it turns (my personal favorite is purple).... and enjoy a shake while I reflect on how great I feel that I just finished my workout. I may start doing the shakes in the morning. Right now it is just great for me for lunch and I don't have to chug coffee all day. (bonus!) My $4.57 coffee from the local coffee shop has been replaced with a $4 shake and its lunch too. (double bonus!) You can check out the shakes HERE.

I have a few friends who are participating in T25 right now as well. Their motivation on Facebook and us organically finding each other, has been awesome! We have been posting and keeping each other motivated and even though I haven't seen them in person in awhile.... I feel like we have a bond now and in some way shape or form we are doing this together.

I feel good. I am excited. I am ready to change. Check out below for some awesome nerdiness from my first week! ;)



My little one wanting a "modified" shake. LOL! 

Painted Nails and a Strawberry Almond Shake!