Friday, September 6, 2013

Romantic and Fun Engagement Shoot ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Photographer ~August 2013

When Andrea contacted me to photograph an engagement session for her and her fiance Justin, I was stoked! I rarely get to photograph subjects that actually listen to directions and follow. lol. Not complaining but sometimes it is refreshing to get a little change up and have various subjects. But I always get super nervous before photographing adults, its so much different then photographing kids. I  ball that anxiety up and put that energy into photographing.

 I was also excited that their 14 (now 15 month) old little boy would be joining in the fun. I just realized that he turned 15 months old last week (per Facebook lol!) and that means little C and I share the same birthday!! And he is in for a treat because May 30 is THE best birthday EVER!! It always falls around Memorial Day weekend which means there is always something fun to do  and its the unofficial beginning of SUMMER!!! So he has now entered the ranks of one of my favorite little guys!

Andrea and Justin are big football fans and they wanted to incorporate some football themed shots into their session. Which I was excited about since I too love football. We spent the evening at 2 locations here in Harrisonburg, one being my go to.... Hillandale Park (until we got photobombed by another photographer and 12 soccer players) and the other was a spot that most would overlook..... but I had been eying the light there for some time and I knew this would be the perfect session to try it out. So I hope you enjoy the photos. I really enjoyed hanging out with this awesome family!


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