Monday, August 19, 2013

Adley ~ One Year Old! ~ Aldie Virginia Family Photographer ~ August 2013

This past spring I reunited with one of my high school friends and took some photos of her gorgeous family out in Millwood, VA..... link to family shoot. As this awesome family lives in Columbia, I was stoked to find out that they would be back in the states for Adley's first birthday and her Momma wanted to do her first birthday photos! She got a beautiful tutu set from an Etsy shop online.... (I need to double check the name) and then we also suited Miss Adley up in a super cute wine colored lace romper from Hush Little Baby, and a headband from Chica Chica Creations. (Find the links to these shops below photos.)

Adley was so awesome during her shoot and the rain held out for us which made for a double bonus, since we had little room for a reschedule. Adley loves music and is a super awesome little dancer, and I think she liked my singing too. Yes, I did a few renditions of my favorites for her during her session since she smiled and laughed when I sang.

So excited to meet baby #3 in February!!!

~Much Love,

Vintage Bed -  Mr & Mrs And Company

Photography - Jaime Scott

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lifestyle Family Photo Shoot ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Lifestyle Photography ~ July 2013

Time does not stand still, nor does our desire to capture the BIG moments in our lives. My favorite part of being a photographer is capturing the little moments, the subtle ones. Whether its looking out a window, laughing, jumping on the bed, all the things the little things that we do in the hectic swirl of life are sometimes the most beautiful moments to cherish. It was super fun to visit with the Apple (not the fruit) loving M family, and check out their new digs, and I was stoked that Momma wanted to do their session in their home, not only was I relieved that I wouldn't be sweating the night away in the July heat..... and those of you that know me, know I am a sweater.... yes probably my least favorite attribute BUT oh well, what can ya do?

So it was awesome being in the relaxing air conditioned home of the M family, checking out H and E's rooms and getting the grand tour. I love lifestyle photography, its an art of its own. I hope you enjoy the images from this fun family session. I can't wait to meet baby #3!!! 

Much love,