Monday, May 27, 2013

B & L ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Photographer ~ May 2013

After some crazy rainy days and a reschedule, I finally got to meet up with Britnee and Lance. I dragged poor Lance all around town having them pose and smile at various locations scattered throughout Harrisonburg. Britnee just got a new puppy ..... which she WILL be bringing to at least let me get a little puppy snuggle in. Anyhow, isn't she gorgeous? Lance is a lucky man ;) But they are so awesome together and compliment each other with their fun and casual style. They both serve in the Navy and are stationed outside of Harrisonburg. Here are some of my favorite shots from their session. I hope you all enjoy the photos!!! 


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sisters ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Children's Photographer

First of all..... I am going to go out of my comfort zone and say.... I LOVED this session. Boom. There it is. I loved it because of the sweet little girls I got to work with.  It is no secret children and babies are my absolute favorite subjects, but that combined with the beauty and sweetness of these two.... made for some of my favorite images to date. I don't know what possessed me this my hand was blistered and sore from photographing the 2013 Commencements over at JMU (James Madison University) needless to say, it was a long day. I was pumped however to end the crazy hectic day with a quiet session in the woods. We laughed a lot and I probably rolled around in the dirt one or 2 usual.... it was windy but we went with it and the girls did fantastic.

I couldn't have wished for a better ending to the day and I am so super stoked that these photos came out much as I had envisioned them in my head. Sometimes it can be hard when you see something in your head and transform the image in your brain and manipulate your camera to actually do what you want it to in order to create the image or piece of artwork in your head.  GAH! That was a long explanation lol!! Hopefully it came out alright haha!!! I hope you enjoy!!

Probably one of my most favorite! Isn't she adorable!!!!!!