Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Davis Family ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Family Photographer ~ January 2013

When I first scheduled with the Davis family there was little hope that we would hit a day with decent weather in the middle of January. However, the odds were ever in our favor (hehe) when it hit almost 70 degrees here in the middle of January. This was an awesome ending to a full day and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to be around. Family is such an important aspect of my life, my mom and dad are very involved in our lives and most importantly my children's lives. I think that through my parent's eyes I have learned to appreciate how much grandparents truly adore their grandchildren, and the Davis family was no exception. Its that little glimmer in the eye when grandchildren are around that just make everything else in the world trivial.

This weekend also reminded me of how important it is to document our lives. The Davis family had not been all together in almost 2 years due to deployment in our military. It was awesome to see  how time a part truly doesn't matter when you have such a close foundation and a family that truly cares for each other. Anyhow, such a refreshing start to a New Year, I truly loved photographing this family and all of the laughter and joy that they radiate.

If you are in the Harrisonburg area and have children you should check out the Harrisonburg Macaroni Kid, that is run by the fabulous Miss Sara :)

Thank you all for a fantastic evening!

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