Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ava ~ Lake Shenandoah, VA ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Children's Photographer ~ January 2013

I met Miss Ava in 2011 on the day after Christmas. She was the most precious little thing. I was so excited that I would be photographing her first year. She has been one of my favorites, she is probably the only little baby that shows up to every photo shoot sleeping in her car seat. Wakes up to be thrown into some craziness, normally involving me with my big camera all up in her sweet face and singing songs all while jumping around like a crazy women. However, I have rarely seen a tear fall out of her pretty blue eyes and she is probably one of the few people in this world that actually thinks I am funny. I haven't decided whether she is laughing with me or at me......I will say with me. :)

So not only has Ava grown in the past year, I believe I have grown a little with her :) As she grew taller and began to walk, I was pushing myself to learn as much as I could about who I wanted to be as a photographer.  I told myself that by the time that Ava turned one, I would be closer to that goal. She doesn't even know how much her little beautiful face has helped me grow. You can see some of Ava's photos from this summer (here). I thank her Mommy so much for trusting me and my wacky creative brain. Hehe. Anyhow, I adore this little one and I hope you enjoy these photos :)

For anyone interested.....the "daybed" was a yard sale find for a couple bucks....It was a full crib at first but I hacksawed the front off. I did a couple of quick coats of ivory spray paint...and waaaalaaa. 

A little BW :)
Such a little cutie!
Birthday princess
She is so cute!!!

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