Friday, November 16, 2012

The McDowell Family ~ Northern Virginia Family Photographer

These past few weeks have been totally wonderful, there hasn't been much time to write on my blog but it has been full of seeing and meeting some of the awesomest little babies and kiddos ever. I know that I talk a lot about my favorite parts of my work, and I am not going to lie there are many....but in my top 5 reasons why I love what I do is..... meeting the children and babies of people that I knew when I was not much more of child myself.

In plain terms, I love meeting the children of some of the old friends that I had in high school and I love seeing their parents again. The McDowell family falls into this category...not once but twice. You see Chase and Juliet's parents BOTH went to high school with me and ended up getting married. Chase was the perfect mixture of his mom and dad, while Juliet's sparkling blue eyes and squishy cheeks were just about as cute as it gets. Chase has his mama's beautiful brown peepers and his smile is nothing short of amazing. 

We had their family photo session at Manassas Battlefield, however we weren't the only group in the park that day. If I had a dollar for every family that was walking around with coordinating outfits on while accompanied by someone with a large camera and a reflector.....well I wouldn't be rich....but I might have like $15 bucks. It was a sight that I had never seen before, I literally had to post up at my spot and sprawl out so that I could have the lighting and area that I wanted. And of course, we probably were having the most fun. ;) But anyhow, here are some of my favorite photos from our afternoon together. It was so great meeting the whole McDowell family!