Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Logan and Jessica ~ September 2012 ~ Manassas Virginia Family Photographer

This past week has been totally bonkers! I am not going to blog about the happenings of my household but let's just say it's been a crazy and I apologize for not being able to get my checklist checked off totally last week. So today my awesome sauce babysitter is here and I am squeezing in a few hours of work. However I will say looking at the ceiling tiles that have been ripped down and the carpet torn up in my office (sounds much better then basement, lol) is not the most uplifting part of my day.....but luckily I have been focusing on the computer screen looking at the cuties that I photographed last week!

Logan just turned 3 in July, he is a super energetic, funny and entertaining little man. He was jumping off things and running around, I thought for sure that we were going to have a boatload of "action" shots from his session. LOL! Which would have been totally fine, as most of you know I love just capturing kids being kids. And Logan was no exception. His awesome Mom, had him in the cutest little overalls....seriously...if I had boys they would totally be rockin the overalls! hah!

Our session was at the Manassas Battlefields, which I remember going to on field trips as a kid. For those of you that don't know, Manassas is like right outside where I grew up in Centreville, VA. Logan's mommy Jessica and I went to high school together....just high school right Jessica? Or wait I think we went to middle school together too!! Better bust out the Rocky Run year book and get my facts straight! lol. We had an awesome evening together just catching up and it was so great to meet Logan. He is hysterical, he had Jess and I cracking up! Here are a few from our session! Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Little Sarah ~ September 2012 ~ Shenandoah Family Photographer

For those of you that know me, you already probably know that I adore kids.  I think they are the most special creatures on the planet. Sometimes I love to just watch them throw dirt, rocks, sticks, sand and anything else that could launch into the air. I know its dangerous and no one likes cleaning sand out of hair, but seriously these are my favorite sessions to photograph. When Mom doesn't care that your running around without shoes, or the laughter that echoes when your brother just pulled his pants down to pee. The carefree spirit and letting kids be kids, is how life should be. We get so worked up over simple things that don't really matter in the grand scheme....that we have to laugh when we peer down at our glowing little bundles of joy only to notice that their shoes are on the wrong feet....and no they didn't put them on we did.  Yes I have done this to both my kids, only to have some stranger come up to me and say ...."Looks like she dressed herself this morning....." and chuckle. Yeah whatever. No. I dressed her and yes I put her shoes on the wrong feet. And I laugh. 

Enough of my mommy tangent, the point is that Miss Sarah was such an awesome little subject to photograph. Her smile is so genuine and I enjoyed this session with her so much. She is naturally happy and carefree, she enjoys sitting by the river throwing rocks and of course tossing up the occasionally handful of sand. It was great to be able to take her 2 year photos in her own natural element. So anyhow, check out the adorable little miss in her photos below. These are some of my favorites from her session.