Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Luca ~ 18 Months ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Children's Photographer

As summer is coming to an end so are the super expensive air conditioning bills, sweat, mosquitoes and impromptu playdates with slides, sand boxes, and kiddie pools. Luca lives just down the street from me. I can actually walk to his house, I tend to drive because of the smoldering humidity and blistering Virginia summer heat or because I am kinda lazy. Either way Luca lives close. No I am not that lazy, I swear! Anyhow, Luca's mom and I are in a playgroup together and we met almost a year ago at a little jamboree in the park close to our houses. Yes, I got out the old red guitar and played Old MacDonald for some of my favorite kiddos. Luca was not even one year old, back when I first met him. 

So fast forward about a year and now Luca's mom is one of my favorite people. EVER. No really she is totally awesome. For instance this one time when my husband was out of town and what I refer to as "the plague" hit our house. Melinda brought food so my kids wouldn't starve, while their mommy was super sick. Then when  it was time for my daughter's 3rd birthday party....I had no time to get the balloons. In a tizzy I call Melinda and again she came to my rescue. The 24 balloons wouldn't fit in her car but with the help of a friendly lady....my daughter had balloons. (thank goodness!!) 

So now Luca is 18 months old and this blog post is long overdue. However, I am pretty excited for them to FINALLY see their finished product. I am also pretty excited that I was able to snag some pretty classic Luca shots! He is seriously the awesomest little guy! 

Thanks so much for being such an awesome friend Melinda! You are the best!! And I hope you LOVE your photos!!!  MUAH!!!

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