Thursday, July 19, 2012

Field Trip ~ July 13, 2012 ~ Downtown Harrisonburg

So I do things with my girls pretty often. I love doing all kinds of different activities, finding new fun things to do, and sometimes I like just doing random things. Anyhow, today we went down to the Explore More Discovery Museum.....we are members so we tend to pop in there a lot. But today I was going to let the girls do all the things that we don't normally do! Soooooo.....Madelynn got to crawl around in the big kid area, she is totally independent but refuses to walk so I just let her crawl. She will walk when she wants..... is my take on it. Eventually she will want to give her knees a break. Adelaide got to run around and paint her face. They had a blast. Which in the end is all that matters....that and tiring them out so that they nap long enough and I can work a teeny bit or blog.... :).

We also stopped by to see the kitties at Cat's Cradle as well. This is pretty much standard procedure upon leaving the museum. Adelaide loves the kitties. Usually we just look at them through the windows, but today there was a SUPER nice lady and her sons volunteering and welcomed us with such kindness it was awesome. The girls of course were ecstatic, they got to pet and hold the kitties....and I got to photograph some of the awesome decor they have in the place for the cats. The luggage bed is seriously toooooo cute!! I totally want to make one of these for a newborn shoot. Anyhow here are some more photos of our most awesome day. 

Isn't this the cutest cat bed!?!?! I want it!!!

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