Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Erika & Kyle ~ June 16, 2012 ~ Waynesboro Virginia Wedding Photographer

I have been talking with Erika's mom Julie for sometime about her daughters nuptials. It's always crazy when dates seem so far in the future at one point and then they just creep up on you! Anyhow, I had met with Erika and her mom a few months back to talk about the wedding and go over details. I feel like wedding days are sort of like Christmas morning, you anxiously await the day, buying things, preparing, wrapping presents, making sure that everything is perfect and then it just flies by and soon its over. It seems like eternity for the day to arrive and then with a blink of an eye it is gone. Luckily we have photos to cherish those precious moments in our lives. I wish you the best Erika and Kyle! I hope you enjoyed your beautiful wedding day! Here a just a few photos of Erika and Kyle's wedding day at Wayne Hill Baptist Church, in Waynesboro. 

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